Bill awaiting Abbott’s signature would fund limited virtual learning

By: Tanvi Varma

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Parents could soon have the opportunity to send their kids to school remotely.

Senate Bill 15 would give a small percentage of students the virtual learning option. The bill is currently pending Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature.

Once signed, up to 10% of students in each school district could learn remotely and the state will fund it. 

"It's better than nothing,” Vanguard Academy Deputy Superintendent Ranulfo Marquez said. “It's less than what we had hoped for, but we know there's a lot of families that are interested in remote learning and this gives us the opportunity to provide that and to receive full funding from the state.” 

Marquez said they're ready to start remote learning as early as next week.

For students to qualify for remote learning, they must have passed their STAAR exams, gotten an C or better in certain courses, and have no more than 10% excused absences. 


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