Boca Chica Residents Concerned as SpaceX Expands

By: Taylor Winkel

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NEAR BROWNSVILLE - There has been more SpaceX talk in the Rio Grande Valley after a successful hop test at the Boca Chica launch pad.

The residents living in the Boca Chica Village community a couple miles down the road got the best view of the test hop Thursday.

Others living in the area told us they're worried about what's going to happen as SpaceX grows.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to another community experienced with SpaceX testing for advice; they have a unique tie to the Valley.

Lompoc, California is home to Vandenberg Air Force base, another pad SpaceX has made home; we spoke to the city’s mayor, Jennelle Osborne, about her experience.

“Once you become familiar with what SpaceX is doing what the amazing science that it is I think the community can really get behind this is amazing to have history being made in our backyards," she says.

Osborne is also from Harlingen and knows the Valley well.

She says SpaceX will not only help add jobs, but also drive up tourism and the economy.

Friday, 15 hours after the test hop, Brownsville fire crews were still busy extinguishing a grass fire Starhopper sparked.

You could see the haze from miles away, and eventually Texas Parks and Wildlife purposely scorched the rest of the grass so it wouldn't catch again.

For more information watch the video above.


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