Border Patrol increasing amount of rescue beacons

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In an effort to reduce migrant deaths as they make their way into the country through the southern border, U.S. Border Patrol announced they are taking action to increase rescue beacons and placards in strategic areas such as Falfrurrias and the Kingsville ranch lands 

U.S. Border Patrol says these safety beacons – or safety towers – come at a time where there's a high need for rescue as summer approaches. 

"If somebody that needs help or is in need of help they press the button - it will send a signal to our dispatchers,” U.S. border Patrol agent Nancy Balogh said. “Those dispatchers will send out that information to the agents in the area and it will let them know the coordinates."

According to U.S. Border Patrol, there are currently 18 Rescue Beacons deployed throughout The Rio Grande Valley sector. They expect to have 48 by the end of the fiscal year.


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