Brownsville Abandoned Home Destroyed in Blaze

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BROWNSVILLE – The Brownsville Fire Department is currently digging through the ashes of a home that caught fire Wednesday afternoon.

Brownsville Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo said the abandoned home near Owens Street is a total loss. They are calling it a suspicious fire.

He said a man ran from the home and told firefighters there was someone inside. However, authorities haven’t been able to confirm the man’s story.

The fire department arrived on Lazy Acres off Owens Road shortly before 4 p.m. The house was completely engulfed in flames and surrounded by thick brush.

Firefighters had to call in a ladder to get a vantage point from up above. They also had to carry hoses and other equipment on foot about 100 yards to get to the fire.

Elizondo said the home is hooked up to electricity but without any running service for at least two years.

The recent chilly temperatures may have prompted someone to seek shelter at the home.

“Because of the weather that we’ve had, a lot of times that happens. If nobody’s living in them we have squatters living in them to take advantage of the protection of the elements. That could’ve been what was happening but we have to continue the investigation to find out,” Elizondo said.

Firefighters had to douse the brush surrounding the home to prevent the fire from spreading to all the thick brush on the property.

Fire investigators are still inside the home searching for clues as to who was inside and how the fire started.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will continue to report any new developments.


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