Brownsville PD partners with nonprofit to help at-risk kids

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The Brownsville Police Department and a nonprofit organization helping at-risk kids are teaming up to keep them out of trouble.

Brownsville PD will begin referring people in family crises to the Family and Youth Success (FAYS) program of Buckner International, a family-focused program that helps decrease conflict. 

"When they do receive these calls of family crisis, they're able to refer families over to our free services," FAYS Program Supervisor Sonia Figueredo said. "They'll have monthly sessions where they'll receive evidence-based curriculum training— down to communication, self-esteem, healthy expression of emotion, and the list goes on."

Brownsville police spokesman Investigator Martin Sandoval says there are many resources available for people across the Valley.

"Some people in our community don't even know that these resources exist," Sandoval said. "There's more than just jail or taking the kids away in handcuffs."

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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