Business Owner Forced to Close Shop Due to Continuous Flooding

By: Taylor Winkel

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LA ROSITA – A local resident’s cake shop is one of the only areas to flood these last few weeks.

Ludivina Garcia's small bakery is left with damp carpets and muddy floors due to the recent storms.

"All my baking my cookies my sugar you know piles of sugar flour and shortening everything just went out to the trash so that's a big loss for me," says Garcia.

She says she doesn't know how she's going to afford to keep fixing the mess every time there is a storm.

“Years back I never had any problems it would rain fine we get water fine but I never had to close my business because of flooding," says Garcia.

CHANNEL 5 NEW spoke to Starr County Commissioner Jaime Alvarez.

Commissioner Alvarez says he's already talked to the Texas Department of Transportation about this problem.

"The solution is going to cost money. Where is the money going to come from? I don't expect the county to spend money on that,” says Alvarez.

He says he will try to find a solution soon.

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