Cameron County fire marshal advises the public on heat-related illnesses

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Cameron County officials are warning residents the high heat could put them at risk as the peak summer temperatures still lie ahead.

Although wildfires are at the forefront of first responders’ minds, they want residents to know that heat-related illnesses are a big threat on days with temperatures pushing the triple digits.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 700 people die because of extreme heat every year. Which is why Cameron County Deputy Fire Marshal Art Guerra said people need to keep a close eye on more than just themselves.

Symptoms of a heat stroke and heat exhaustion typically include muscle cramp, fatigue, and elevated body temperature.

There are other warning signs, Guerra said.

“Could be confusion, severe headaches, nausea vomiting - all those are signs,” Guerra said.

If you suspect someone might be experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke, you or someone at the scene should call 911.

Guerra also provided tips on what to do while you wait.

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