Cameron County health authority reacts to new COVID-19 isolation guidance

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People who test positive for COVID-19 will no longer need to isolate from others for at least five days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday.

The CDC now says those infected should stay home until they’ve been “fever free” without medication for at least 24 hours and if their symptoms are improving.

A decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were cited as the reason for the change.

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The Cameron County health authority said the decision makes sense.

“It's much more in keeping with the recommendation for influenza,” Cameron County Health Authority Dr. James Castillo said. “At this point, with most people having previous infection or vaccination, it's acting like a really different illness. You're not seeing hospital ICU's fill up with Covid patients, that's just not happening anymore."

The CDC still recommend people take additional precautions, such as masking and limiting close contact with others.


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