Cameron County voters to return to polls for special elections, runoffs

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One down, three more to go.

Cameron County officials are hoping to get people back to the polls for more elections within the next several weeks.

This includes Saturday's election runoffs, the March primary runoffs and the special election to fill Congressional District 34.

The county elections department is currently focusing on the primary runoffs set for Tuesday, May 24.

“In two weeks, we will have the start of early voting for the Republican and Democratic party runoffs from the primaries, and immediately after that on the 31st of May, we’ll actually start early voting for the special election to fill Congressional District 34,” said Cameron County Elections Administrator Remi Garza.  

Garza is hoping that keeping the same early voting polling locations will make the process smoother for voters.

“So there’s some continuity of where people are having to go," said Garza. "So they won’t be second-guessing themselves during early voting or Election Day as to where they cast their ballots.”


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