Changes in Addresses Causing Confusion Among Mission Residents

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MISSION – Mission residents are wondering why the city changed their addresses without warning or reason.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned decade-long Mission residents are trying to work through the somewhat uncomfortable news.

They say bank statements, junk mail, and letters are all addressed correctly but the change is in the house number.

Gilberto Guerra says his mailbox is marked 4007 but the mail addressed to him has the digits changed to 3937.

The small surprise alarms him.

“Where did they get this number? Medicaid and all those people where did they get this number?” asks Guerra.

His neighbor, Minerva Martinez, is also questioning the change.

“We’ve been having this problem for about three weeks already. That our addresses have been changed, and we haven’t been notified,” says Martinez.

Sam Bolen, strategic communications specialist for U.S. Postal Service, says mail databases were updated on the change.

He says the only ones out of the loop are residents such as Martinez and Guerra.

“We just want to get to the bottom of it,” says Martinez, “and see what’s going on.”

Bolen says the city changed addresses and did not notify all residents.

The city of Mission has yet to provide an answer to the confusion.


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