Church Preparing for Active Shooter

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WESLACO – In light of recent mass shootings, one Rio Grande Valley church is preparing for an active shooter situation.

"It's really sad to have to a conference like this, to talk about worst case scenario type situations, in terms of security and safety, but really important to be having these conversations," said Pastor Steven Parker.

Pastor Steven Parker with the First Baptist Church in Weslaco said they began talking about having this type of conference after the church shooting in Sutherland Springs last year.

"With the events in Florida this past week that are just so sad and tragic, we...it's a very timely conference to be doing," said Parker.

Law enforcement on hand answered questions from the group.

Oly Oleson is a church member. He said the mass shootings are becoming too frequent.

"We've got to be able to do something to protect our families," said Oleson.

Oleson said in regards to schools, they should all have metal detectors to deter armed subjects from entering.

"They have one doorway in a school. They could lock all the rest of them and put a metal detector in. The federal buildings have them. Everybody funnels right through that metal detector. Nobody gets in with a weapon," he said. 

Parker said this is just one step to take to educate themselves in case there is an active shooter.

"Unfortunately, if someone wants badly enough to do evil, there's not anything that can be done to totally prevent that," he said. 

Parker said they do currently have security on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for all services.


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