City of Edinburg Holding Citation Amnesty Program

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EDINBURG – The city of Edinburg is holding a citation amnesty program until Friday.

The city says thousands of citations are worth $9 million.

City Marshal Raul Ramos says those with outstanding tickets can stop by the municipal court to make the payment.

“Anybody who owes a citation – usually the fine – I'm going to give you an average of about $175. When you add a failure to appear, it actually doubles in price; it goes up to $340. Right now we're having amnesty, we'll actually take away the failure to appear so all you take care of now is the actual fine itself,” explains Ramos.

KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey spoke with a local resident who says he received a citation for driving without a license three years ago.

He says his ticket was reduced from $479 to $292 after negotiating.  

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