City of Laredo Proposes Border Walkway Plans

By: Christian Von Preysing

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LAREDO – City leaders in Laredo want the federal government to build a walkway along their border.

The project, proposed as part-flood control, part-beautification, is seen as an alternative to the border wall.

"If they're going to impose something on us, I think this is a good alternative," says Mayor Pete Saenz.

The City of Laredo is officially opposed to a border wall, but city leaders say if the federal government insists on building the structure, they want this alternative design to be considered.

The city is pushing for what they call a “border walkway” along the Rio Grande.

The walkway would follow a 15-foot concrete wall that straddles the river, says councilmember George Altgelt.

“This project does two things; it provides us the national security that we deserve and at the same time, it beautifies that riverfront,” says Altgelt.

They're calling it a bulkhead.

It's an idea similar to concrete levees in the Rio Grande Valley.

“The idea is to continue a greenbelt along the river’s edge," says Frank Rotnovsky, architect with Able City.

The firm has been assisting the city in this design.

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