Coast Guard offers boat safety tips to avoid tragedy

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After a boating accident on August 13 off the shores of South Padre Island, the Coast Guard is reminding boaters of boat safety to ensure everyone's safety on the water. 

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The first thing is preparing.

Boaters want to make sure the boat they're driving, or riding in, has emergency devices that will alert the Coast Guard should an accident occur.

Next, make sure weather conditions are favorable.

Ensure there is low wind and rain chances because if it's hard for boaters to navigate in those conditions, it's hard for the Coast Guard as well.

Another important tip, is to wear a life jacket.

"About 75 percent of all fatal mishaps where death occurs in the water are usually drownings," Coast Guard Deputy Commander Michael Sintron said. "And of those 75 percent, about 80 percent of the individuals do not have life jackets. So the biggest tip right off the bat is wearing your life jacket when you get on a boat."

It's important to make sure that the life jacket fits properly as well.

Lastly, operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal and the Coast Guard says even if you are a passenger, it's best to be sober on the water.


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