Community Gathers to Mourn Victims of Deadly Shooting

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SUTHERLAND SPRINGS – The small town is coming together of the massive loss of life from 18 months to 77-years-old.

The majority of people who live in Sutherland Springs are mourning. The town and law enforcement are asking the public to focus on the victims.

The pain of what happened can even be seen on law enforcement.

“I can tell you that the scene in there is horrific, there’s not even a word to describe it,” said FBI Agent Christopher Combs.

Investigators are finishing up evidence collection inside and around the Sutherland Baptist church.

So far, 15 empty magazines have been found. That’s 450 bullets fired by the shooter according to the Department of Public Safety.

“I just want to commend the DPS director for not using the shooter’s name. We certainly don’t want to glorify that,” said Combs.

It’s much the same sentiment felt at a town vigil Monday night.

Hundreds of people gathered to cry together, pray together and remember the lives lost.

“This is amazing. The most amazing things I’ve ever been to in my life seeing the community come together,” another resident said.

One of the town’s heroes, Johnny Langendorff, receives hug after hug from the community. He’s the man who chased down the gunman in his truck with the sharp shooter, Stephen Willeford, who shot the suspect.

“I’m no hero – I am not,” said Willeford.

The tiny community may be 26 people smaller, but Monday night they vowed to grow stronger together.

The ages of the people who died range from 18 months to 77-years-old.

Ten people remain in critical condition.


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