Community holds cookout for law enforcement

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Holy Week, or Semana Santa, typically means grilling out with friends and family for most people.

But a group of Mission residents decided to take the tradition a step further this year to show a little appreciation for local law enforcement.

"We're just a bunch of guys who got together to do something for their own,” said event organizer Darryn Caraveo.

Every Easter, Caraveo and his friends typically hold events for special needs students in the area.

“This year with the COVID and all, we couldn't get in the schools,” Caraveo said.

But the pandemic didn’t stop the group from doing a little good.

Residents, retired cops, and veterans decided to do a little cooking for local, state, and federal law enforcement in the Valley.

“It's something else to just to watch it on TV, so we wanted to do something and say, ‘Thank you," Caraveo said.

Their day started on the grill and in the kitchen at 4 a.m, making more than 600 barbecue plates. It’s a small thank you going a long way for local cops.

"We appreciate it - as law enforcement a lot of people don't understand the stuff we do,” said Sgt. Vidal Farias with the Mission Police Department. 


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