Company Acquires Former Wal-Mart Building in Raymondville

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RAYMONDVILLE – The purchase of an empty building at a Rio Grande Valley city might improve its economy.

Raymondville Mayor Gilbert Gonzalez said a new company bought the property. He said the company will also employ eight people

C.I. Logistics, a cotton exporting business, will operate out of the facility. The business will export its product to Mexico.

Gonzalez said he believes the building is a perfect fit for the company.

“I believe that was probably what they were looking for. Something that was big and that was hollow already, because it doesn’t have any gondolas or shelves or coolers or anything in there,” he said. “So, it’s just a big hollow building and they’re going to add on twice as much size.”

Gonzalez said it will bring in much needed property tax revenue to the city after Wal-Mart, Raymondville’s former largest employer, closed its doors more than a year ago.


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