Coping with Mental Health Disorders

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WESLACO – Mental illness affects one out of every four people throughout their lifetime. Many different types of mental health disorders exist.

Bipolar, depression and schizophrenia are some of the most prevalent.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS followed a man suffering with schizophrenia two years ago. A cell phone video was sent to us from his mother.

“I am the only living God there will ever be and there has been. I have every right to be called Jesus Christ. And yet, I am the one that works with women all over the world, making sure they have enough brain capacity, enough bowel structure, enough word processing power, so they can even speak in the first place. I’ve worked hard for that.” - Special Report: A Cycle of Despair 

Mental health is part of a person’s overall well-being. It affects the way someone thinks, feels and acts with others and in public.

“Some disorders can be fleeting or time limited,” Terry Crocker, CEO for the Tropical Texas Behavioral Health, said.

The facility is available to help people with questions about mental illness. Around 28,000 people in the Rio Grande Valley were treated last year at Tropical Texas Behavioral Health for bipolar, depression and schizophrenia.

The focus is on those three disorders throughout the state.

“They are the sickest, if you will, and there’s a limited amount of dollars to provide services to those people,” Crocker said.

Those who are responsible for funding said it’s best to focus on depression, bipolar and schizophrenia; that will bring better results because of the need.

The services will become limited if they try to focus on all the mental health disorders.

Some people cannot recognize if they will ever develop a mental health disorder. However, Crocker said researchers are finding genetic links to the serious mental health disorders.

“I would say take care of yourself is one of the best things. There’s also little things people can do to keep themselves healthy from eating right and exercising. It has a very positive effect on your overall mental health,” he said.

Traumatic life events can also trigger mental health issues. The best thing someone can do is reach out for help. They are advised to seek a counselor and work through the problems. 

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