County Leaders Discuss Flood Issues in Falfurrias

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FALFURRIAS – Brooks County leaders met to discuss flooding issues in Falfurrias on Monday.

Flooding in Jim Hogg, Duval and Brooks counties brought community members together to find a solution for the stagnant water and drainage issues.

“What impacts one county, impacts the next and impacts the next, so there's no way around not working together,” says Congressman Vicente Gonzalez.

None of the three counties can budget for a loan – grants are needed.

The Texas Department of Transportation released this statement:

"The Texas Department of Transportation has a mandate of working with others to provide safe and reliable transportation solutions.  In situations where torrential rain causes flooding in our communities, we want to provide roads that ensure safe access for people. Environmental studies are always done to ensure that projects do not create a hindrance, but rather provide an infrastructure that promotes growth and safety."

KRGV’s Carolina Cruz has the details.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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