CPR facility preps the public for major disasters

By: Crystal Martinez

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With the official start of hurricane season just over a week away - and the Rio Grande Valley recently getting a reminder of what could be in store - a local training school is saying it's important to know first aid and life saving techniques in case of an emergency.

Michael Escamilla, co-owner of RGV CPR in Edinburg, says traumatic and dangerous situations occur all the time when dealing with natural disasters like hurricanes. The best thing anyone can do is be prepared.

For some that means having a first aid kit ready. If you don’t have one, Escamilla says you can put together your own with many items you can find at your local dollar store.

According to FEMA’s emergency supply list, if a situation like a fire, flood, or hurricane happens you should also consider having:

  • a sleeping bag
  • matches
  • personal hygiene items
  • medications 

These are items that might seem small, but could save a life - along with knowledge of CPR. 

When CPR is necessary, time is of the essence.

And if the person is conscious - even just letting them know you're there can help.


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