Doctor: Routine vaccinations for Valley children decreased amid pandemic

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Gov. Greg Abbott announced summer school classes can be held beginning June 1.

Texas requires students get certain vaccinations, but at least one doctor has noticed a change among patients.

Before the coronavirus pandemic a visit to the doctor's office wouldn't typically spark fear in a parent, but now those visits are becoming less common.

Dr. Lee Budin, chief medical officer for Driscoll Health System, says this trend is alarming.

"What we're seeing is vaccine rates have been plummeting for the past couple of months," says Budin. "If we get our vaccines rates down to a level that allows us to be susceptible again we'll see a much worse epidemic than we've even had to deal with with COVID-19."

Routine pediatric care is important to assess a child's development and growth, but also in helping protect them from other diseases such as mumps, meningitis, tetanus and more.

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