DOJ: Reassigned Judges Streamlining Immigration Court Proces

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WESLACO – The U.S. Department of Justice said a surge of immigration judges has led to a sizeable increase in immigration cases being processed.

The agency released new statistics showing the effects of more than 100 new immigration judges sent to the border. It says the move resulted in a 21 percent increase in immigration case processing.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review manages the DOJ’s immigration court system. It reports that moving the judges resulted in more than 2,700 cases being processed than it would have been completed had they stayed in their local court.

Critics say the case in increase is only a drop in the bucket.  More than 630,000 cases are pending for the next fiscal year.

Texas and California have a backlog of about 100,000 cases each.

Executive orders by President Trump have called for dealing with the bottlenecked immigration courts. That includes reassigning judges and hiring more judges and attorneys. 


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