Donna Business with Ties in Rockport Assist Displaced Employ

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DONNA – A Rio Grande Valley business with ties to Rockport is asking everyone not to forget about the towns that need help rebuilding for months and possibly years to come following Hurricane Harvey.

Ron Hoover RV and Marine Center in Donna is the second location of that business. The first is in Rockport.

The company’s corporate office there was destroyed by the storm.

Employees at the Donna location have been overwhelmed helping their colleagues, family and friends in the impacted area.

“We’ve got five families members in Rockport alone who are displaced, so we’re trying to find housing for them and try to keep things going as usual, get business going, and help where we can,” said Raul Moreno.

Moreno said the disaster areas will need help for months to come, so it might be wise to wait if anyone wants to help.

He said city officials, business owners and families will have specific needs down the road, as they start the rebuilding process.


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