Donna ISD works to help migrant students

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Donna Independent School District has a new initiative to get migrant students on the same level academically as their peers. 

More than 300 elementary school students are already in the migrant program at Donna ISD, with the possibility of that number to continue growing.

Migrant strategists involved in the program say they are making phone calls and going door to door to let people know about the program and its benefits. 

Daniel Lopez, a migrant strategist for the district, says by the time the students reached middle or high school, catching up was extremely difficult. 

"They always tend to fall through the gaps," Lopez said. "In The past here at Donna ISD, we were focusing mostly on secondary kids, which is sixth through 12th, but we were having the problem since we were not targeting the elementary kids."

The program is going to help students with social and emotional support, as well as help them catch up with reading, a struggle for many migrant students in Donna.


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