Donna Lake Being Used as Illegal Dumpsite

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DONNA – A prime fishing spot turned into a toxic lake and now an illegal dumping site.

Donna Lake appears untouched; people are not allowed to fish there. The lake gets visitors for brief moments.  It's to dump their trash.

“They also go and dump the animals in the lake,” said homeowner Elda Zambrano.

Animal lover and homeowner Zambrano lives down the road from Donna Lake. She’s lived in a small trailer park for 12 years. She knows illegal dumping happens around her.

“They either just throw them in the water and they just leave them there and they usually do this about 2-3 in the morning. That’s when you really hear all the commotion,” said Zambrano.

Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Constable Martin Cantu explained it's not the worst illegal dump site they see.

Donna Lake is an area where there are not a lot of residential houses so there’s not a lot of law enforcement traffics over there.

Cantu said it’s still a health hazard.

“Depend on in what's thrown chemicals can go into the dirt, into the ground and that may get into the water system,” said Cantu.

Zambrano said there should be more law enforcement, "Yes, we do need a lot of patrols here and if they do, we never see them.”

She hopes others respect what is already forbidden waters. Cantu said his office is investigating this recent dumping and have leads.

He said they need the public’s help to identify illegal dumpsites like Donna Lake and call them directly or the Donna Police Department at 956-784-3510.


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