Donna Man Focuses on Security after Weekend Shooting at Convenience Store

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DONNA – Donna Police are searching for a suspect in a fatal shooting over the weekend.

Police say the victim, 35-year-old Efren Quiroz, Jr. of Alamo, was shot multiple times as he was walking out of a convenience store.

The incident took place at the Stripes on Val Verde and Expressway 83.

Police identified the suspect as 38-year-old Fidencio Castillo.

The Saturday, March 17 shooting has one man on high alert. He says he shops at that store regularly.

Donna resident R. Espinoza works in construction in Mercedes. He says every morning he stops by his favorite convenience store on his way to the job.

"To get breakfast, buy sodas or get gas," he explains.

Espinoza says he never thought of the store as being dangerous. He says after the incident this past weekend, he and other customers are on the lookout for trouble a little more.

"One has to stop and think, not fear, but you have to use more precaution," he says.

Espinoza believes after this incident, he will never quite be able to look at his favorite morning stop the same way again.

He adds there is one way he and other travelers who visit the station will feel the same sense of safety.

"If there's a bad guy, I think there should be more security," he suggests.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Donna police to ask what steps Espinoza and others can take to ensure security out in the public.

Donna Police Cpt. Rick Suarez spoke with us off camera and says officers patrol the city nonstop.

Suarez says Espinoza and others who travel to stores or other public places during the day or night should be vigilant.

He adds if you see something happen, obtain as much information as you can and alert the authorities immediately.

Police issued out a warrant to arrest Castillo on murder charges.

Suarez says on Monday, officers and U.S. Marshals searched his Alamo residence.

Castillo is believed to be driving a 2008 Dodge Ram with license plate number, KCF-3128.

The police chief adds the department is working with other agencies in the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Donna Crime Stoppers line at 956-464-8477.


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