Edinburg Hospital Seeking Information on Elderly Patient

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EDINBURG – South Texas Health Systems is anxious in searching for information on an elderly dementia patient.

A woman identified herself to Edinburg Regional Medical Center as Maria Barrera. She was admitted into the hospital on March 23 and is still there.

Barrera was brought in by emergency medical services under unusual circumstances.

The hospital said she was disoriented and anemic. Soon after, the staff found out she suffers from dementia.

The hospital has contacted local, state and federal law enforcement to try to find out more about Barrera. They tried several agencies within the community to get her the help she deserves.

Barrera only speaks Spanish. Her clouded memory recalls she was born in Mercedes. She told the hospital staff she worked at a place in Edinburg were she helped make pantalones.

Her identity and Social Security number had long ago disappeared.

Barrera said she's aware that she is older and she thinks she was born in 1937 or 1945.

Barrera said her parents’ names were Jose and Celestina Barrera. She also believes she had a brother who passed away and a sister who she does not speak to.

Barrera is currently staying in the hospital and is in need of a long term care facility or to be united with family and friends.

STHS stated they cannot be certain of the facts since Barrera suffers from dementia.

If anyone has information on the woman calling herself Maria Barrera, please contact the house supervisor at (956) 388-6512.


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