Emergency Procedures Put in Place to Save Tiger

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BROWNSVILLE – Emergency procedures were put in place to save the tiger found by Border Patrol Monday.

Veterinarians at the Gladys Porter Zoo say the tiger who was found at the U.S. - Mexico border was suffering from heat related complications when he arrived at the zoo.

Local resident, Derrick Deluna, describes the border as unpredictable and at times dangerous.

He says border patrol “protects us from the unknown.”

Border Patrol agent Maynard said on Monday the unknown became the unbelievable.

After receiving a report of activity along the border, he headed to scene.

He says initially nothing seemed unusual.

“Came across this duffel bag on the ground, At first I thought it was maybe potentially narcotics,” Maynard told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

As he got closer, he was wrong.

“The first thing I saw was a couple of big paws in there, and I knew it was something interesting so I opened the bag a little more, and to my surprise it was a tiger,” Maynard explained.

Maynard said the young tiger was rushed to the Gladys Porter Zoo to be inspected.

Senior Veterinarian Thomas Demaar explained initially the tiger wasn’t in the best condition.

“The tiger was hyperventilating, was hot to the touch, actually had a temperature of 107,” Demaar told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

So Veterinarians at the zoo took emergency measures. Demaar explained veterinarians used ice, cold water, and several IVs to lower the animal's temperature.

A blood test later revealed the tiger was sedated.

Demaar said the young cat is now doing much better. He said big cats should only be handled by professionals.

"At times they revert back to predator behavior and you don't know what will trigger that. But inside that cute furry body is still a predator," Demaar explained.

Demaar told CHANNEL 5 NEWS for now the tiger will remain in the zoo's care.

Monday's find makes it the 12th tiger confiscated by law enforcement that the zoo has cared for in the last decade.


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