Experts Advise Protecting 4 ‘P’s During Inclement Weather

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WESLACO – Experts said people shouldn’t forget certain tips to help protect those in vulnerable conditions during the cold weather.

With temperatures dropping into the lower 30s, and maybe even the upper 20s, they said it’s important to protect people, pets, plants and pipes.

Dr. Alison Garza said avoiding the cold is the key to staying healthy in temperatures hovering near freezing degrees.

“The elderly and children are especially at risk. And also people with any chronic medical conditions are especially at risk,” she said. “Some of the top three tips are to stay warm, stay dry and stay hydrated.”

Dr. Garza said people should wear multiple layers of clothing to protect themselves from the cold.

Robert Dippong with Brownsville Animal Control said pets are also weathering through these cold conditions.

“When we go outside, we bundle up. We put a couple of shirt on, maybe a couple of extra pair of pants,” he said. “Most people need to use the rule of thumb. If they’re cold, the animal is going to be cold as well.”

Dippong said the fur on your pet’s back is not enough to keep them warm. He said owners should be taking their pets indoors when it’s cold.  

The same safety measures should be applied with small-sized and medium-sized plants. Nursery manager Roland Medina offered additional tips on what to do with bigger plants.

“For some plants that can’t come inside, you might just use some cloth as a wrap. Nothing plastic, more of a burlap sack or anything that’s a light cloth type,” he said.

As for pipes, many people might have exposed ones outside of their home. Pipes can freeze if temperatures creep into the 20s.

A good idea would be for them to insulate their pipes with newspaper or clothes. If they live in a home with no insulation, they might want to think about letting their faucet run at a slow drip to allow for water to move, which helps prevent freezing.

In Texas, it is against the law to leave a dog tied up if temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Owners are prohibited from tethering a dog outside during extreme weather conditions like cold weather.

The Texas Health and Safety Code prevents an owner form treating a pet in a cruel manner. Neglect falls under the category of cruelty if a person doesn’t provide their pet with some type of shelter, food and water in cold weather. 


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