Facing the Fury: Tips to make your homes hurricane resistant

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For decades, people have been trying to make homes more storm resistant. 

Former Insurance Institute of Business Home and Safety Julie Rochman said the institute tested homes to find out how they come apart in a hurricane, so they could learn how to keep them together.  

"No home can be hurricane proof," Rochman said. “But there are things that we can do to make homes more resistant to hurricanes.”

Their research found that how a home is built is more important than what materials are used. 

“Concrete is fantastic, but you can have a wood frame house — if it's built correctly — that will withstand the storm just as well as that concrete house,” Rochman said. 

Now that Hurricane season is upon us, the time to prepare your home is now. 

“There are different ways that homes can fail,” Rochmna said. “If a door blows open, then you let the wind pressure in. If the garage door fails, you let the wind pressure in. If a window breaks because of debris, you let the wind pressure in."

Just like you get your home ready for winter to stop cold air from coming in, you can also prevent the strong winds from damaging your home.

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