Facing the Fury: What to have on your hurricane supply list

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Even though we can't control Mother Nature, we can prepare for her. 

Hurricane season started Thursday, June 1 and runs until November, but now is the time to start getting ready for it.

If you do lose power, you're going to want to be able to see. One way to do that is to buy a lamp or a flashlight. Don’t forget the lamp oil and batteries.

Another important item to grab is an ice chest to carry some water, food or any important medications you might have.

A raincoat and some rain boots might also come in handy.

Don't forget about preparing your home by bringing things inside that can easily fly away, or covering things you can’t bring indoors with a tarp and tying them down with rope.

Another thing you might want is a water pump to pump out all that standing water.

One item that could really come in handy is a home generator, but they can cost between $500 and $3,000.

Just so it doesn't feel like one big financial punch, start buying things slowly, so you'll be better prepared later.


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