Family speaking out after dog dies during visit to their groomer

By: Crystal Martinez

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A Rio Grande City family says their dog didn’t come home alive after a recent visit to their groomer.

All Crus Flores has left of his 2-year-old dog, Nutella, is memories.

“She's been with us every day,” Crus Flores said. “She's taken trips with us, just a lovable dog."

She was one of five dogs the Flores family had before the tragic event took place.

“I got a phone call at 1:30,” Molleigh Flores recalled. “I was thinking, maybe she slipped out and ran away or something when I heard the nervousness. She jumped off the table while she was left unattended, for whatever reason, and jumped off the table while on a leash, and they found her on the ground."

Molleigh Flores said the groomer called her immediately, and they rushed to the house where the groomer worked out of.

Flores said they tried for 45 minutes to revive Nutella, but the dog was later pronounced dead at an emergency vet.

Looking back, the family says they could have asked more questions, and hope others will consider asking questions before leaving their pets with a groomer. 

"What's your procedures? Is there someone supposed to be with a dog at all times? Is there a procedure that if you have to walk away, you put the dog back in the kennel," said Crus Flores.

“I know Texas doesn't have a requirement for a license for grooming," Molleigh said. "To be a groomer, anyone can pick up a grooming set and groom a dog."

For now, Crus Flores and Molleigh Flores say they hope their tragic experience helps others keep their pets safe. 

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