Federal Gov't Taking Steps to Seek Land for Border Wall

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WESLACO – The federal government is continuing to take steps to seek land for the border wall project.

Some land owners received letters from the government asking for permission to survey their property.

Texas Civil Rights property attorney, Ricardo Garza, says if there is no response from property owners, the government sends out a second letter, after that there is a house visit.

"They may send someone from the Border Patrol and the Army Corps of Engineers, but it's really for the same purpose they're trying to voluntarily get you to sign over your land,” says Garza.

He says residents have the right to refuse to sign anything the government presents, but suggests hiring a lawyer.

Garza says if residents don’t sign the papers, the federal government files a lawsuit for eminent domain.

He explains land owners have the right to just compensation of the land and can request a counter offer.

If no agreement can be reached, the landowner has the right to request a jury trial in federal court.

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