Fire Destroys House Belonging to Weslaco Family

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WESLACO – A family of eight is doing their best to literally pick up the pieces after a fire destroyed everything they owned Monday.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS was told the combination of strong winds and dry weather fueled the fire. It moved faster than fires normally do, destroying not just the family's home, but also their livelihood.

"I was in shock because I was like what happened, I called her and she told me it was on fire," Rosa Camacho said.

What is now a mound of burnt char was once a family's home. The members of that family were too distraught to speak to us on camera.

Camacho told CHANNEL 5 NEWS her niece lived in the home with her husband and six children. She said the family's business behind the mobile home also was lost.

"It's sad because they don't have anything, having a lot, because people worked hard to get all of this and now, nothing," Camacho explained.

Officials said the fire began around 4 p.m. near the corner of Mile 12 North and Victor Avenue in Weslaco.

Weslaco Fire Chief Antonio Lopez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS fire crews arrived on the scene several minutes after receiving the call.

He explained weather condition allowed the fire to move faster than normal.

"Due to the winds, the winds we are having right now, about 25 to 30 mph. This fire was really wind-driven," Lopez said.

Lopez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS his crews were able to battle the flames down and keep them from spreading to any other homes.

Camacho said all the family can do now is hope for the best.

"We'll see what happens; it's hard, hard to recover from this, it's hard, it's hard," Camacho explained.

She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she'll be opening her home to the displaced members of her family.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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