GEAR UP Triplets from Roma Attending UTRGV

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EDINBURG- A set of triplets attending the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley said they’ve found a built-in support system within each other.

The Romero siblings all have different personalities but the same upbringing.  The Roma natives are currently freshmen at UTRGV.

“I’ve always wanted to help other people… I like giving advice to other people and if that would make a difference, that would make me so happy,” said Karen Romero, a psychology major.

The trio took the college journey together.

“It’s like bringing a little part of home with us cause we’re just so close to each other,” she said.

The three didn’t anticipate ending up at the same university but said they took the unexpected coincidence as a sign of their bond.

“You know that they’re going to be there for you and that you won’t be alone,” said Karla Romero, who’s studying English and counseling.

The siblings said they found a support system in one another as they approach adulthood in their high school-to-college transition.

“We don’t have our parents to guide us through other important things. So, like now that we are in the apartment, we have to act as an adult because you are an adult,” said Karla. “You have to pay your bills, you have to do your homework, you have to be responsible.”

The triplets said they’ll enjoy the time they have before life takes them on separate paths. 


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