Gridiron Heroes: Official Enjoys the Game

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WESLACO – The best high school football officials are the ones you never notice. That’s what some would say. For four decades, Andy Scott has tried to go unnoticed, but tonight he’s our Gridiron Hero.

As the longtime Valley official says, you’re only as good as your next call.

“The way we judge a football facility, everyone is looking at the turf and the stands,” said Scott. “Nah, nah. Have we got a hot shower? That's the criteria."

He’s a football official that’s been to every Valley stadium and many across the state.

Scott knows what he likes.

And by the way, he says the Astrodome had cold showers.

Scott began his long officiating career in August of 1972.

“Over in Mercedes, Magic Valley had a little meeting room,” said Scott. “What they did was they had everyone stand up to say your name and where you lived. So I stood up and said, ‘I’m Andy Scott from Monte Alto.’ Everyone looked around like ‘Who is this guy?’ ”

Who knew then that Scott would become of the Valley’s longest tenured officials.

46 years later, he says he still loves the job.

“There’s never been a perfect game officiated,” said Scott. “So there’s a certain reward to doing something that’s such a challenge and to be not just good at it, but hopefully to be great at it.”

While football teams enjoy wins, officials have a different kind of satisfaction.

“After the contest, everybody walks away and says you know what, it wasn’t perfect,” said Scott. “We have human error, but you know what? Both ball clubs had their shot. Everybody had their chance.”

In 2014, Scott was selected to officiate the state’s all-star football game. It’s one of the highlights of a long career that’s included hundreds of games.

“You guys come up with a game of the week every week, right?” said Scott. “Trust me, for the officials, I don’t care where it is, that’s my game of the week. We want to make sure that we get it right.”


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