H-E-B Pharmacies are expected to receive COVID-19 vaccines this week

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More than 280 H-E-B Pharmacies across Texas will be receiving and administering the Moderna Vaccine as the state continues to move forward in the second week of vaccine distribution. 

About 25 Rio Grande Valley H-E-B Pharmacies will be receiving around 100 doses each store. That is a total of 2,500 doses across locations in Hidalgo Cameron and Starr County. 

The second round of doses are being reserved by the CDC and expected to arrive next month. 

"We are going to start out with H-E-B employees as far as H-E-B pharmacy employees and then we will continue to follow the state guidance as far as allocating some of those doses to local doctors local hospitals and we will continue following down the line," San Benito H-E-B Pharmacy Manager Pedro Galvan said. 

Galvan said the Moderna Vaccine could get here as early as Wednesday. 

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