Harbor Restoration Project in Port Mansfield to Begin Next Month

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PORT MANSFIELD - Port Mansfield is looking forward to the restoration of its harbor.

The project is underway to keep boats from getting stuck.


Big boats stay clear; over the years, the depth's gone down.


This year, they still have shallow water in and around the harbor.


"People with the big boats don't know whether they want to come to fish this as much," says resident John Sterling.


In August, the Army Corps of Engineers approved a multimillion dollar dredging project.


The Corps will dredge the harbor, the harbor entrance and the path leading up to the jetties. All nine miles.


Last month, they completed a preliminary dredge of a smaller channel from the harbor to the intercostal waterway to14 feet with plans to dredge more.


The Willacy county Navigation District says they expect the nine mile stretch through the East Coast will begin dredging next month.


It will open the path to bigger boats after years of letting the sand pile up.

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