Heart of the Valley: Mission pediatrician reports seeing more children with signs of diabetes

By: Dianté Marigny

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At just 11 years old, Kayla Casas puts more thought into what she's eating compared to most kids her age.

Casas is a Type 1 diabetic, which is not preventable.

“I never thought this would ever happen to me,” Casas said. “I have to take food portions… and then whenever my blood sugar is low I drink like a little juice. And when it's high, I just walk or run."

Casas’ symptoms included hunger, dry skin and frequent thirst, which is similar to that of Type 2 diabetes.

Mission Pediatrician Dr. Sergio Ramirez says been seeing more kids with signs of diabetes in the last decade.


“That's due to lack of activity, poor nutrition, poor healthy habits, and also a lack of physical activity,” Ramirez said. 

Through education and guidance, Ramirez said the Rio Grande Valley can reduce the number of people diagnosed with diabetes.

Several school districts are joining the fight against diabetes. Brownsville ISD hosts monthly nutrition education activities at all their campuses.

Dieticians say it’s important for parents to make fruits and veggies a part of their kid's diets.

Watch the video above for the full story. 

HEB and South Texas Health Systems are offering free diabetes screenings in the month of April. Visit our Heart of the Valley page to view our calendar for times and dates where the screenings will be available.


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