Hidalgo Co. EMS Says ‘We Are Fine’ after Filing for Bankruptcy

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EDINBURG – They provide medical services to over 1 million people in the Rio Grande Valley; from emergency medical technicians and nurses, to air paramedics.

On Tuesday, Hidalgo County EMS filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“It is very expensive. The demand is there. The calls come in. Our calls come in. We send trucks. We supply trucks and buy equipment – we paying people. All of that costs large amounts of money,” says Kenneth Ponce, CEO at Hidalgo County EMS. “We don't have the support financially from the community to help EMS be healthy for the people. It takes a toll on the budget.”

Ponce added they are not in the business of shutting down.

An attorney explained a bankruptcy filing doesn’t necessarily mean a business is closing, but allows them more time to reorganize what’s owed.

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