Hidalgo Co. Precincts Install Cameras to Deter Illegal Dumpi

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PHARR – Hidalgo County precinct officials said they are now able to easily crack down on illegal dumping.

Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Constable Martin Cantu said they received a grant that helped them buy cameras in an effort to put an end to it all.  

Cantu said the department received more than $16,000 from a grant. He said it was enough to buy eight cameras, two for each precinct.

Pharr resident Juan Hernandez Quirogo lives near a canal. He said he doesn’t understand what people gain from trashing the county they call home.

“Sometimes, when I’m riding down the side of the road you can see garbage bags where people take in their truck, and they open the door and dump it all out,” he said. “They take off and act like nothing happened.”

The constable said no illegal dumpsters have been caught yet. However, he said other illegal activity was recorded.

“We picked up a vehicle stopping in this area where we have the cameras and people coming out of the brush and jumping in the vehicle,” he said.

Cantu said fines for illegal dumping can range from a Class C misdemeanor to a state jail felony. He said a person can face a $5 to $10,000 fine if caught.

Anyone can report illegal dumping by calling 205-7000. 


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