Houston Area Family Retreats to the Valley for Refuge

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WESLACO – As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to devastate the Houston area with relentless rain and flooding, some of those impacted are taking to the Rio Grande Valley for refuge.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with Mito Perez from Sugar Land, a city located on the south west side of Houston, when it came time to evacuate him and his family turned to the Valley.

Perez said they consider the Valley to be their second home.

As the waters continue to rise and the rain not letting up in Perez's are he said it was time to get out, "Initially we either wanted to try to go west or maybe north and realize the roads at the point in time were closed."

This was when Perez looked to the Valley.

"Born and raised here just coming back here knowing that we have a refuge from something like that from big storms like that I think is really key," said Perez.

Only grabbing the necessities, Perez and his family left for the Valley this Monday morning where they passed the destruction left behind by Harvey.

"Torn up roofs buildings sort of collapsed on themselves a lot of wooden kind of metal buildings and some debris on the road it was eye opening to me and caught me by surprise I didn't expect to see that," said Perez as he recalled the trip south.

Right now they are taking refuge with family in Edinburg. Their relatives are breathing a sigh of relief.

"As a father you always worry doesn't matter if it's a big thing or a little thing," said Oscar Perez, Mito Perez's father.

All Perez said they can do now is to wait out the storm.

Perez tells they also evacuated to the Valley when hurricane Ike hit the Houston area in 2008.

Right now they don't expect to go home till around Labor Day.


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