HSI leads multi-agency operation to crackdown on fraudulent activity amid pandemic

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On Wednesday, it was announced that multiple federal agencies will be cracking down on criminals looking to make money off people vulnerable during the pandemic.

Authorities confiscated fake coronavirus testing kits in Los Angeles last month. Since then, Homeland Security Investigations special agents have opened 130 investigations nationwide, seized more than $3 million and arrested nine people.

HSI is leading the effort known as Operation Stolen Promise.

“We have a finite amount of resources and we rely significantly on the public to help us identify potential crime and potential threat against the public,” said Shane Folden, HSI special agent in charge in San Antonio. “This can be a wide array of things whether it's counterfeit products, financial fraud, import/export or trade. Anything really related to the COVID issue right now.”

The FBI, IRS, the Food and Drug Administration and other federal agencies are also involved.

Anyone who wishes to report criminal activity possibly involving fraud is asked to email covid19fraud@dhs.gov


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