Identity of Man Hit, Killed by Train Still Unknown

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UPDATE (6/20): Harlingen police said they still haven't identified the man killed by a train. 

Officers said they ran the victim's fingerprints through their database but didn't get any matches. A fingerprint specialist will now be taking a closer look at the man's fingerprints. 

Police said they are also sending officers to visit the homeless population to see if they have noticed anyone missing. 


HARLINGEN – Police are investigating after a train fatally hit a man in Harlingen.

Harlingen Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Larry Moore said officers got a call about 3:35 a.m. The accident happened near Commerce Street and Fair Park Boulevard.

Moore said the man is around 25 to 35 years old. He wasn’t carrying an ID or any other items with him.

He added no one has come forward looking for a missing person.

“Normally, what we’ll have to do is, we have to get fingerprints and try to identify him through a database... We can run them through police or ICE and see if we can come up with some sort of identification,” Moore said.

Jeff Degraff, spokesman for Union Pacific, said the crew spotted the man sitting on the train tracks and honked the horn to get him to move.

Their efforts were unsuccessful.

Degraff said a train traveling at an average speed or 50 miles per hour takes one mile to come to a complete stop after applying the brakes. 

Harlingen Train Accident


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