Insurance company to investigate sewage line break that possibly caused backup to Mercedes home

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MERCEDES – A Mercedes family was finally able to return home Tuesday after sewage backed up into their house.

Laura Alvarado and her four children, three of whom have special needs, spent the past four nights crammed into a hotel room.

“The sewage was coming up in the toilet and in the shower, so it eventually overflowed into the shower out into the floor in the restroom and out of the toilet and then went into my children's room,” described Alvarado.

Alvarado called Mercedes Public Works. When a supervisor showed up, he says the break behind her home was to one of its lines. The supervisor referred her to a company to assess the damage.

After assessment, she was informed her home was considered a level 3 hazmat, which poses extreme, immediate or long term risk to the environment or public health, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

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