'It seems like nobody cares': Valley woman shares her struggle to secure COVID-19

By: Tony Velasquez Jr

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Elderly folks across the Rio Grande Valley are finding it increasingly harder to get their hands on a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Rose Mary is in her 70's, has diabetes and lives with tremendous pain, which she says only gets worse if she stands for more than a few minutes. 

Like many others trying to stay as safe as possible, Rose Mary says she's stayed home since last March. She said as soon as she heard of the vaccine would be available she was determined to get it. 

Her first unsuccessful attempt was a few weeks ago at a vaccination clinic in Hidalgo County. 

She says she has tried nearly a dozen clinics, only to be met with the same problem, they ran out of vaccines before it was her turn. 

"I cannot do it within the system that they now have," Rose Mary said. "I don't fit. I've fallen through the cracks in the system."

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