KRGV and the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance team up to raise awareness on being an organ donor

By: Dina Herrera

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A special campaign on organ donation will be held at Channel 5 News Weslaco location on Friday.

The campaign is in memory of the late Channel 5 Sports Director Dave Brown, who passed away earlier this month.

Brown was an organ donor recipient, and now KRGV is teaming up with the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance to bring awareness and getting more people signed up to be donors.

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance Communications Coordinator Sarah Salas talks more about what the process is for signing up and how important it is to be an organ donor.

Brown was a kidney transplant recipient, and he said the transplant dramatically changed his life for the better. It's why it is so important to get as many people registered, so others can have a second chance at life.


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