La Feria Resident Seeks Answers after Pile of Trash Remains Unpicked

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LA FERIA - Piles of trash, a man wanting answers and no action by the county.

It’s how the Cameron county Department of Health and Human Services handles public nuisances.

If a valid report comes in, a notice to abate is place and then they wait 30 days for a response.

For a La Feria resident it’s been nearly four months.

CHANNEL FIVE NEWS first told you about these trash piles back in April, nearly four months ago, and since then it has only gotten worse.

The county had placed a notice to abate and gave the owners 30 days to respond.

No action has been done.

In April, when CHANNEL FIVE NEWS sat down with Gustavo Olivares, the Environmental Health Director for Cameron county, he told us then that this case was delayed because they couldn't find the owner.

“Any time that we are unable to get a hold of someone. It creates a delay. The best scenario is knock on the door and someone comes out and issue the notice on the spot. the days start counting from that day forward.”, explained Olivarez.

We reached out to Olivares again and the environmental health office told us he wasn’t available.

Watch the video for the full story.


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