Law enforcement officials warn of the dangers of celebratory gunfire

By: Rudy Mireles

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Law enforcement officials are warning people of the dangers of celebratory gunfire as the New Year approaches. 

"What goes up must come down," Captain Javier Reyna with the Cameron Sheriff's Office said. "Where that bullet is going to land, nobody knows. It's like a game of Russian roulette."

Participating in celebratory gunfire may seem like harmless fun but Reyna said last New Year's Eve showed just how dangerous the activity can be. 

"When the clock struck midnight we had a stray bullet that struck a three-year-old little boy that was playing outside with fireworks," Reyna said. "He was in his own home. He was in his own yard and all of a sudden, he just went down when the bullet struck him near the neck area, just missing his head."

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