Lawsuit Filed amid Battle over $22 Million Bond in Edinburg

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UPDATE (4/5): A judge ruled in the favor of Edinburg CISD. 

On Thursday, an Edinburg resident took the district to court over the advertisement of a multi-million dollar bond and claimed the school used taxpayer money to push a political issue. 

The judge found no violation. 


EDINBURG – The fight over a $220 million bond continues in Edinburg.

A resident filed a lawsuit and restraining order against Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District.

The district wants to use the money to build more schools.

Edinburg CISD created pamphlets, billboards and other advertisements about the bond – the superintendent says they were not a political movement for or against the bond.

Jane Cross, the woman who filed the lawsuit, believes the district is taking taxpayer money to buy the ads.

Juan Palacios, the attorney representing the Edinburg superintendent, says, “the wording on the contract prohibits that, why we are confident the judge will look at all four corners of the contract itself and state that there is no violation."  

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